Welcome to MUSPAS, an electronic coursework management system.  This system enables each lecturer to view all finished course work sent by students in response to assignment given by the lecturer. At the same time the system enables the students to upload their finished  coursework.  On submission of the finished coursework a student gets an email recognizing receipt of the course work as a proof of the submitted work.

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Upload all courseworks here for proof of submision
by System Administrator - Tuesday, 19 February 2013, 12:54 AM

Please upload all coursework for this course on this site. In the future we shall be posting the assignments from staff members and other details.

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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 12 February 2013, 4:09 PM

To log into the software follow the steps below

Fill out the New Account form with your details.

  1. An email will be immediately sent to your email address.
  2. Read your email, and click on the web link it contains.
  3. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.
  4. Now, select the course ...
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